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Mott: Frog Who Wanted to Be a Singer

Nov. 16:

Home Away from Home: (Video)

Ground Rules (Document)

My Grandfather's Shoes (Video)

Nov. 30:

Things You Did That Made Me Gay (Document)

Going Back (Video) (Document)

Dec. 7:

I Am From (Video)

Warm-Up (Document)

I Am From Framework (Document)

450 word example (Document)

Dec. 14

go back where you came from (Document)

Liz Lerman Critical Response (Document)

Jan. 18

I Cried Today (Video)

Feb. 1

Dear Undocumented Girl (Video)

Feb. 8

My Body (Video)

Feb. 15

Amamantar (Video)

Mar. 15

Atlas of Emotions (Video)

Mar. 29 

Good Morning America (Video)

Apr. 5

Raise Your Voice (Suffocate, Latinoamericana)

Raise You Voice Slides (PDF)

Apr. 26

Liz Lerman Critical Response (Document)

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