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Women who participate in In Full Color and our other programming join a sisterhood that spreads across the country and beyond. We also are deeply invested in helping each woman continue to grow as artists over time and supporting them in their projects. Watch this page to see what these talented writers, actresses and artists are up to!

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Amel Khalil

Amel Khalil is an Arab American writer/producer and actor. She advocates for the empowerment of marginalized communities everyday through her career and personal life.


 As an actor, Amel earned her official SAG membership in 2020 with tv credits that include crowd favorites, such as Madam Secretary, New Amsterdam, FBI and more. 


As a theater actor, Amel has played the lead in many AEA productions including originating the role of Nardeen Asleh in There is a Field(TIAF) in 2016, which still tours college campuses today. As a result of the theater community collaboration involved in TIAF, around oppression of marginalized communities, Amel traveled the US with the cast and producers to educate students and community members about oppression through the use of tableus, community talk backs about oppression, “the 4 I’s of oppression” and more. This work later informed Amel’s current love for the marriage of theater, community collaboration and empowerment. 


As an advocate Amel has created programming around Financial Literacy, and Stress Management for the underserved Middle Eastern community in NJ. She is responsible for conducting Bias Trainings for over 500 child protective services employees, law enforcement and more. 


As a grant writer Amel has garnered over $740,000 dollars in grants to assist resettling refugees find their place in America, struggling parents to feed their families, and empower women with financial services and workshops after escaping abuse.


Amel has over 11 years of leadership experience. After spending 4 years as an executive of a non-profit domestic violence resource agency, Amel founded a non-profit called Helping Other People Evolve, H.O.P.E., which focuses on business development programs to empower the leaders of underserved and marginalized communities with strategy. 


Today Amel lives a holistic lifestyle, seeing, breathing and loving all that is possible. 

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