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Women who participate in In Full Color and our other programming join a sisterhood that spreads across the country and beyond. We also are deeply invested in helping each woman continue to grow as artists over time and supporting them in their projects. Watch this page to see what these talented writers, actresses and artists are up to!

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Alicia Rivas

Alicia has a Bachelor’s in Theatre from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She originated the role of Sara in “Henry’s Law: A Play About Bullying.” She’s also performed at Luna Stage as Mercy in “Mercy and the Firefly” and as the female narrator in “Mi Casa Tu Casa” at Dreamcatchers Repertory Theatre. You may also know her as musical artist Ali de León. @alideleonmusic

Ali de León is an independent recording artist born and raised in Jersey City, NJ. Prior to 2012, Ali's focus was on theatre. Although music was always a part of her life, she never thought she would pursue it. In 2012, Ali was studying abroad in England, away from her family for the first time, and heartbroken when melodies and harmonies became the only way of release. From then on, Ali began to write music.

In 2016, Ali recorded her first song named "Abajo de Mi Cama" and released it on Soundcloud. In 2017, Ali released her first music video on YouTube called "Amor Platónico." In 2018, Ali released her EP ALIEN giving her audience a taste of her Spanglish Rap followed by her video "LOOK," which is available on her YouTube channel. Her latest song, 2019, called "TU," is a taste of a tropical paradise.

She is also a two-time IFC Alumna and regular performer for TIFC under the name Alicia Rivas. See our Touring Troupe page for her actress bio.

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