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For women of color and other POC of marginalized genders, the opportunity to see themselves authentically represented or to tell their story in their own voice can be exceedingly rare. In Full Color is looking to change that, but to do so, we need your help. Here's why you should consider making a tax-deductible donation to IFC today.

why tell these stories

They're Rarely Heard

While we're seeing more minority actors on screen, they still have only less than 15% of leading roles in movies. Also, many depictions of women of color perpetuate racial stereotypes or misogynistic ideas.

They Bring Us Closer Together

Art creates empathy, empathy creates change. We believe that if we listen to those who are not like us to understand their challenges, thoughts and feelings, we can learn to act more compassionately toward them. 

They Are Critically Important

Our women take on huge issues that need to be discussed like immigration, sexual assault, mental health, poverty, war, politics and justice. All people affected by these issues need a seat at the table as we look to solve them.

They're Great Stories

These days it seems everything is a reboot or a remake -- and audiences are hungry for original stories in original voices. Our talented women will make you laugh and cry, and tell you tales you'll never forget.


your donation will...

Make Programming More Accessible

Every year, we are approached by schools, libraries, festivals, nonprofits and community centers who want us to perform for them but have little to no budget.

With your donation, we can lower program costs or even completely gratis performances for these groups while still paying our actresses and writers.

Get Women Paid

We pride ourselves on creating paid work opportunities for actress, writers and other WOC artists. In the art world, many opportunities are non-paying.

With your donation, we can support women and other artists of marginalized genders who want to express themselves and pursue their dreams while still providing for themselves and their families.

Change the World

While most of our work is artistic or educational in nature, our impact is primarily social.

With your donation, we can continue educating audiences about the need for diversity in the media, cultural exchange and racial harmony. Eventually, we hope our work can create new compassion on a large scale and even create social change.

Create New Artistic Opportunities

We are continually searching for ways to empower woman-identified artists of color outside of the theater.

With your donation, we can organize concerts or curate art shows. We can also host workshops and classes for women artists looking to improve their skills.

Engage More Young Minds

While most people know us for our big annual show, the majority of our time is spent performing at colleges and universities.

With your donation, we can keep the engine running on our educational touring program -- literally. Your gift can help pay for travel, meals, administrative costs and even artist stipends.

Pay the Bills

When it comes down to it, running an organization is costly, hard work. And it's even harder when you're a minority woman.

With your donation, you can help us cover all the little costs that often bog down arts companies in their most tender stages of growth, including: taxes, accounting fees, website costs, office supplies, travel expenses, group memberships, merchandise and more.


The easiest way to make your tax-deductible contribution is online through Fractured Atlas.


In Full Color is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of In Full Color must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. To donate and support women of color, please click here.


Any amount helps, no matter how small. Also, consider asking your employer if they offer donation matching to maximize your gift's impact.

Not able to donate at this time? There are other ways you can help:

  • Spread the word: Tell your friends about IFC and encourage them to make a donation!

  • Show up: Attending our events is an easy and fun way to support. Stay posted with our calendar here.

  • Buy merch: Treat yourself to some books, an adorable enamel pin and more sweet swag in our Shop.

  • Hire us: Do you work for a school, venue or organization? Is your employer interested in supporting women of color while exposing their employees to positive diversity programming? Visit our Booking page to see how you can have IFC come perform for you!

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