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An important part of our mission is educating women of color and other people of all genders and colors. We focus on creating cross-cultural exchange, fostering racial harmony, fighting for women's rights, increasing diversity in the arts, and of course, putting on a good show! Check out our educational resources below, or learn more about our mission and how to book our events for your school or community center here.

UPDATE: We are now offering remote lessons and other services as we all self-quarantine in response to COVID-19! Please view our COVID-19 lessons and services page to learn more. 



Special thanks to the following awesome people who donated to our Kickstarter for Girls Who Colored Outside the Lines, available here.


Dr. Grisel Y. Acosta
Lidia Arshavsky
Kelson Ball
Surabhi Bhatt
Matt Billings
Koral Booth
Angela Bruno
Gina Bruno
Arnold Cass
Matt Clawson
Margaret Clinton
The Creative Fund
Thomas Cruz
Betsy L. Davis
Laura Dee
Aurora Diaz
Michael DiFeo
Kimberly Drew
Patrick Dunn
Laura Fletcher
Four Leaf Books
Meika & Warren Franz
reg e gaines
Jessica Gonzalez
Susannah Goya-Pack
Alisa Guralnik
Jack Halpin
Ashlei Hardenburg
Andres D. Hortillosa
Sarah Huffman
Dan Joseph
Caridad Kennedy
Ritarsha Y. King
Mike Lamb
Brian Lawlor
Amanda Levie
Lulu Publishing
Tracey Noelle Luz
Surya Mattu
J Marhee
Heather Merrick
Maria Naggaga
Judy Norsigian
Ariana Martinez-Gumb
Gabe Miller
Eloísa Pérez-Lozano de Castelan
Dania Ramos
Eileen Ramos
Gregory A. Reyes
Alicia Rivas
Henry Rivera
Bill Rood
Maria Ross
Wendy Sanford
Jennifer Schiffer
Doug Stoveken
Shayne Tremblay

Heather Warfel
Karin Williams
Josie Wright



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