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A diverse group of women pose together smiling at a party.

Our Team


Founder and Director


Summer Dawn (she/ella) is the founder/director of In Full Color, an arts organization which empowers artists of color with an emphasis on serving women and TGNC folx. IFC has received two commendations from the NJ State Assembly and the Jersey City Arts Council's Performing Arts Award. IFC has a roster of 350+ artists mostly from North America and has created more than $21,000 in paid work for artists in 2023 in multiple art forms including theater, literary arts, visual arts, music, dance, comedy and more.

Summer has almost as many hats as she does shoes -- writer, director, actor, teaching artist, arts administrator and more! As a teaching artist, Summer teaches students of all ages in the Tri-State area for Young Audiences, Lincoln Center Theatre and Storytelling Arts, focusing on theater, writing, anti-racism and anti-oppression. She regularly writes and executes curricula that helps young artists connect to their home cultures, practice respect, foster their social-emotional skills, learn through inquiry and nurture their inner artist.


She loves creating opportunities for NJ creators. She is only an artist today because of Writers Theatre of New Jersey and their NJ Young Playwrights Contest, which convinced 15-year-old Summer that theater was the place to be! 


In her personal creation, Summer's work is textually grounded, often highly comedic and sometimes fanciful. She values collaboration, playfulness and efficiency -- an odd mix, but one the astrologically inclined would expect from a Gemini Sun, Taurus Rising.

In recent past lives, she's been a winner of the NJ Governor's Award in Arts Education, a theater grants panelist for the National Endowment for the Arts, an events coordinator, an arts journalist, a bartender, a shoe salesperson and karaoke diva. In her secret life, she's pop-R&B singer Vero Verano. 

Venida C. Rodman Jenkins, a Black woman with short natural hair

Founding Board Member, IFC Alumna


Venida C. Rodman Jenkins is committed to providing visibility, encouragement, love, and brave spaces to those who have been oppressed. She has carried out this work for many years as a minister, educator and advocate. Venida is the Director of the Speicher-Rubin Women’s Center for Equity and Diversity at New Jersey City University. She is the founder and pastor of EMBRACE Church, and she is as an Adjunct Professor at New York Theological Seminary where she teaches Pastoral Care and Counseling.  

Venida’s campus involvements have included establishing the Gothic Knight Ally Safe Zone Program and the Afro-Latinx Collective, chairing a subcommittee for the President’s Diversity Council, as well as serving on the Undoing Racism Committee and the Executive Committee of the American Federation of Teachers, Local 1839. Venida’s professional affiliations include the National Women’s Studies Association, and the American Association of University Women (AAUW). Her community involvements include membership in the Harlem Writers’ Guild, and board member of Leaders of the Free World and In Full Color. 


She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Syracuse University, and the Master of Divinity degree from New York Theological Seminary.


Venida is a singer and writer, and has enjoyed participating in triathlons and half marathons.

She made her IFC debut in 2017.

Mary J. Sansait, an Asian woman with dark hair in a half-buzzed, half-long hairstyle.

Board Member


Mary is a Jersey City born and raised creative entrepreneur and mother of two. Growing up in a single mother household along with her love for music, inspired her to pursue a professional journey that would combine community upliftment and the arts. Mary worked with a local 501c3 Jersey City non-profit that assists entrepreneurs and small businesses. She is an accomplished singer and recording artist, who continues to use her talents to engage fellow creatives in the community. She has produced showcases and performed as M. Josephine alongside various underground heavy weights such as M1 of Dead Prez, Silent Knight, Rugged N Raw, John Robinson and The Band Called FUSE. She is the founder & president of Inspired Artist Movement, a platform for artists and creatives to move their career forward while empowering them to use their voice for positive social impact. She is also the founder of Goddess Ntwrk, a space and resource for womxn to heal their trauma and celebrate their inner goddess.


Susan Justiniano.jpeg

Board Member, IFC Alumna


Susan -- also known as RescuePoetix™ -- is the Poet Laureate of Jersey City. She is a New Jersey native with deep family roots in Puerto Rico. Writing since she could remember, she found her performance voice and fell in love with Jersey City’s underground Arts diversity. She has over fifty original works recorded and developed collaborations from all corners of the world. Releases are available at a variety of online portals. RescuePoetix™ poetry is motivational, uplifting and empowering; designed to connect on a level far deeper than what the eye can perceive. Spinning verses in Spanish and English, her words weave stories of strength, growth, experience and love in its many evolving forms. @rescuepoetix

Susan made her In Full Color debut in IFC19. 

Amel Khalil Headshot (1).jpg

Board Member, IFC Alumna


Amel Khalil is a Palestinian American Actress and Comedian from New Jersey. As a content creator and writer, Amel focuses on elevating the narrative of Arabs and Muslims in all aspects of media.
With notable roles in television shows like Madam Secretary, New Amsterdam, and FBI, Amel showcases her talent while advocating for diverse representation. 

In theater, Amel originated the role of Nardeen Asleh in There is a Field (TIAF), a powerful production addressing police brutality against Palestinians in Israel. She toured the United States with the cast, engaging in community talk backs to raise awareness and foster dialogue about this pressing issue.

Outside of her artistic pursuits, Amel actively supports local organizations, helping raise over $750,000 in funding for South West Asian and North African communities in New Jersey. These efforts have provided crucial assistance to refugees, struggling families, and domestic violence survivors through various initiatives and resources.

Amel Khalil's dedication to storytelling and community activism exemplifies her commitment to creating positive change and amplifying marginalized voices.

Courtney Wheeler, a Black woman with long dark hair

Producer, That One Night; IFC Alumna


Courtney works in social media and publicity for HBO by day and is a writer and co-producer of the comedy showcase That One Comedy Night, at night. In her monologues and blog posts, she uses humor to discuss topics such as race, gender, feminism and mental health. She also loathes describing herself in the third person. Follow her on Twitter @wheelerright and Instagram @wilthebean

She made her IFC debut in 2016

Doug Stoveken, a white man with glasses, curly brown hair and a short beard

Staff Videographer


Doug is a long-time supporter of In Full Color and has shot video for most seasons of In Full Color as well as several special events.

Alicia Ruth, a white woman with long blonde hair

Founding Board Member (Retired), Scenic Designer


Alicia is a visual artist, science enthusiast, and passionate animal, environmental and human rights advocate. She is a the founder and executive director of TEDxJerseyCity, She Leads World, In Theory, and The Foundation for Wonderment and Awe. She is a believer in compassion, curiosity and a total capsaicin junkie.

She is also the chief scenic designer for In Full Color. Her set designs on In Full Color 2017 and 2019 were nominated for Broadway World awards.

touring troupe

Meet just some of the talented folx performing with In Full Color!


Daniela Rincon

Dujuana Sharese.jpg

Dujuana Sharese



yha mourhia wright.jpg

Yhá Mourhia Wright

Venida Rodman Jenkins performs her piece

Venida C. Rodman Jenkins

steph dinsae headshot.jpeg

Stephanie Dinsae

Dena Igusti 2

Dena Igusti

Amel Khalil Headshot (1).jpg

Amel Khalil

Cindy AnaCaona Peralta.jpg

Cindy AnaCaona Peralta



Summer Dawn Reyes headshot. Joey Sbarro

Summer Dawn


Nancy Méndez-Booth

Alicia Rivas.jpeg

Alicia Rivas

Liliane Wolf 1.jpg

Liliane Wolf

01 rukiya medium 1.jpg

Rukiya Bluford


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