In Full Color is an annual theatrical show in Jersey City, N.J. featuring about a dozen stories by women of color. Every year, woman-identified writers from around the country -- and even the world! -- submit monologues, poems and short stories that give us a glimpse of what life is like in their skin. Then, the best dozen stories are selected.

Writers local to the New Jersey/New York area who want to perform their work get to work with director Summer Dawn for a month to make their stories shine. Non-local or non-performing writers are paired with local actresses who bring their works to life. The final show takes place over four days. All women involved become IFC Alumnae and join a sisterhood comprising dozens of wildly talented women of color all over America.

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An ethnically diverse group of women smile and hug each other on stage. They are wearing clothing in different colors which contrast strongly with the set on stage, which is mostly black and white and emulates a dining room and living room.
A diverse group of women stand together and smile. Behind them are decorations suggesting a hyperfeminine home including a white ornate mirror and floral drapes. They are wearing clothes in different vibrant colors.
A diverse group of women crowd together and look intensely at the photographer. They are on a stage with various set items including bright red furniture and office items like books, radios and globes. This is the office of the modern woman.
A diverse group of women wearing vibrantly colored clothing stand together in two rows. The front row of women are taking a knee to protest police violence. The second row is holding up the Black power fist. Behind them are pink monochrome set pieces including a female sign in gun crosshairs and an American flag.
A diverse group of woman stand together and smile playfully. They are wearing vibrant clothes. Behind them are colorful swathes of fabric -- yellow, orange and blue -- lining the wall.
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