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In Full Color: The Show

In Full Color is an annual theatrical show  featuring about a dozen stories by women of color and other marginalized BIPOC, including trans and gender non-conforming folx. Every year, BIPOC artists from around the country -- and even the world! -- submit monologues, poems and short stories that give us a glimpse of what life is like in their skin. We choose a dozen to uplift, and invite musicians and dancers to share their work as well.

For most seasons, writers local to the New Jersey/New York area who want to perform their work rehearse with director Summer Dawn for a month to make their stories shine. Non-local or non-performing writers are paired with local actresses who bring their works to life. The final show takes place over four days. All women involved become IFC Alumni and join a kinship comprising dozens of wildly talented artists of color all over America.

Click the season names below to see info about a specific production of our signature show, In Full Color! To stay posted with IFC information, including our next call for submissions, join our mailing list using the form in our footer!

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Virtual, Across the U.S.
Oct. 8 & 9, 2020

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