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In Full Color 2021


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Unearthing all-new stories...

In Full Color 2021 is continuing our virtual chapter with 14 artists of color sharing poems, songs, stories, and dance! The show will feature live performances by talented BIPOC artists from all over the country and bring often unheard stories to the forefront.

UPDATE: IFC2021 has been postponed. Read our official announcement here.

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The Raft

Rebecca Murillo (CA)

A Cuban journey. A young woman rushes towards the water front not far from Havana. It is 1994 and Fidel Castro has announced that 'whoever wants to leave, can go' prompting thousands, including her, to jump aboard a raft and sail to the United States. In this song, she stops running to glance behind at the country she loves but has come to fear in its political divide.


Rebecca is a performer and composer/lyricist originally from Orange County, California. Her musical works have been performed in venues across the country and she has performed on stages from New York City to Tokyo, Japan. Currently, Rebecca is working with The Lightning Thief’s Rob Rokicki to collaborate on a musical titled Breathe. Projects: A Seat at the Table (TNNY Soundbites Festival), Not Quite Extinct (Pace University). Other: Jesus Christ Superstar (Schimmel Theater, Additional Orchestrations). Rebecca has a BFA in Musical Theater from Pace University. @rebecca.murillo

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Baby, You Are Bright

Shaneah Taylor (NJ)


One woman embraces her inner light that has shone brightly since the day of her birth.


Shaneah  is a spoken word artist, public health professional, storyteller, podcast host, and author that seeks to combine the delivery of important emotional, spiritual, social justice, and public health messages through the art of performance poetry. Shaneah is well versed in community capacity building, outreach, youth mentorship, and education. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Health and is passionate about sustainably eliminating health inequities among populations experiencing historic disinvestment through prevention education, patient navigation, performing arts, and empowering the next generation of healthcare professionals.

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Chamari White-Mink (CT)

What is genderqueer? This person begins to explore their identity after being called "Sir" a few too many times starts feeling good.


Chamari is a multi-disciplinary theater-maker, ready to make a home wherever they can. They are committed to using theater to deconstruct and dismantle systems of power, empower themself and their collaborators to produce work they are proud of, and create a new reality by searching for truth.

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I want my friendships to be loud

Paola Soyumi Ramirez Peña (KS)


This poet manifests perfect friendships with a mantra meant to bring colorful characters together unapologetically.


Paola Soyumi Ramírez Peña (@bassonthefloor) is a poet, screenwriter, and sociologist on multiple planets. She is the host and creator of Somos Poetas, a poetry workshop for people of all levels, centering the voices of queer BIPoC. Paola is also one-half of Local Fruit (@localfruit.pod), an audiovisual call for justice, hope, imagination, and love. Her premiere short film Noodz drops May 2021 and she is a graduate of the University of Kansas. She is a Taurus sun, the oldest of four, novice skater, and dancing vagabond trying to learn as much as decently possible.

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The rules I learned growing up

L Duarte (CA)

(TW: childhood trauma and abuse) Don't snitch, finish your food, stay away from boys. These are the lessons awaiting a Black and brown femme in the hood.


L. is a Bay Area writer, director, actor and teaching artist whose recent projects include: Real Women Have Curves with SF Playhouse, Particle of Dread with Anton’s Well, Helen! With Theatre of Yugen, Into the Beautiful North & The King of Cuba with CentralWorks. They have also worked with Willows Theatre Co, Berkeley Rep., Crowded Fire, Playwrights Foundation, Playground, Bay Area Children’s Theatre and various others. They area graduate of UCLA, UCSC, and has trained with A.C.T. and Shakespeare & Co. Catch Duarte on Season 2 of

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Musical Performance

Joanne Villavieja (NJ)


Enjoy original music by this talented singer-songwriter!


Joanne is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Jersey City. She went to high school at McNair Academic where she sang in the concert choir and chamber choir. She continued singing in choirs until her second year of college at Montclair State University. Now she performs at different open mic and art events.

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Stick around after the performances

for an interactive post-show talkback!

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Dance Performance

Theresee Tull (NJ)

Enjoy a mesmerizing performance by this dynamic dancer.


Theresee is a Brooklyn Born movement artist who started dance at the age of 15. She was introduced to modern and contemporary dance at the Brooklyn High School for Music and Theater and from there went on to earn her Bachelors Degree in Dance at Hunter College in Manhattan. Along with modern and contemporary dance styles she has gone on to studying classical Indian folk styles, belly dance, and arial.

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What Are the Odds?

Eureka Lewis (NY)


Don't count young Black girls out -- this successful woman can tell you exactly why.


Eureka resides in New York, but is a native of Detroit, MI. For as long as she can remember, she's loved writing and performing. She's written & directed numerous plays, including (but not limited to) "Sorry If I Let You Down," "Aunt Salley's Remains," "Finally Made It," "Too Far To The Left," "The Jagged Rose" & a 10-week run of "What They'll Remember"; which received rave reviews in The Huffington Post & Broadway World, respectively. She was recently selected (out of hundreds of entries) as a featured writer for two of Billie Holiday Theatre's 50IN50 writers series. Three of her pieces were performed by renowned actors of stage & film.

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Half Towel

joyce keokham (NY)

Material things have a different meaning for anyone who's grown up poor -- which is why a towel might mean more than roses to this poet.


joyce keokham is a storyteller who practices between the realms of filmmaking, autobiography, and poetry. Their work is an invitation into their lifelong journey to confront and question the American soul, and its preoccupation with material fulfillment in place of the divine pursuit of human emotion. Every medium homes loveable characters as they intrepidly pursue community and radical self-love, even when they are cornered and occasionally bested by the trappings of late-Capitalism.

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The Last Time My Father Beat Me: Or, On Lightening Up the Bruises

Merrique Jenson (MO)


(TW: abuse, homophobia, transphobia) This trans woman looks back at her past as a gay man struggling with an alcoholic father's abuse and a mother's aspirational whiteness.


Merrique is a transgender, queer, second-generation multiracial woman of color who is of White and Mexican heritage. She is the Director of SocialScope Productions focused on multimedia artistic programs, equity development, and intersectional professional development coaching. She also serves as the Program Director for Transformations, a trans and gender-expansive youth organization based in Kansas City. She has been working in the fields of harm reduction and anti-violence advocacy and helped create multiple LGBTQ youth drop-in programs in the Midwest. Merrique is an internationally recognized documentary filmmaker, published author, and contributing blogger for The Advocate, Out Magazine & HuffPost. Her artistic work has been recognized by the Association for Queer Anthropology. Merrique is a Kansas City Rocket Grants full-project award winner, has delivered keynotes for Yale University, Southern Oregon University, Northwestern University, headlined Seattle Pride and Houston Pride, and has been featured as a guest on The Oprah Show.

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Rainbow Women

Suzen Baraka (NY)

This poet pays tribute to the women in her life -- Black, Korean, Dominican and rainbow-colored.


Suzen is a lawyer, poet, writer, actor and activist who has been performing live for over 17 years. Suzen has featured at the Nuyorican Poets Café for a number of spoken word installations, was two-time Slam Champion of the Big Mouth Bout, went to Slam Nationals in 2006 with the Newark NJ Slam Team and has toured nationally with several different runs of Herstory since 2009.  Most recently, she wrote, starred in and released VOTE, originally commissioned by Poetic People Power and directed by Jami Ramberan. Further, she appeared in Let America Be America Again produced by Creatives4Biden and released on Election Day 2020, and featured in Ars Nova's #OATH2021. Suzen also recently starred in Everlasting , winner of the Viewer's Choice Award at the 2020 Cannes Short Film Festival. 

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I Was Born with the Blues

Tantra-zawadi (IFC2020 alumna. NY)


In this gorgeous mixture of music and poetry, a Black woman calls out to her people to come together and rise from the shadows to embrace their rich histories and create a new future. Featuring music by Edde Yohan Baba Bey


Tantra-zawadi, Brooklyn-born performance poet and international recording artist, is a 2020 Brooklyn Arts Fund grantee! She is the author of three books of poetry, alifepoeminprogress (Chuma Spirit Books), Gathered at Her Sky, and Bubbles: One Conscious Breath (Poets Wear Prada). A passionate educator and instigator, she has collaborated with The Senegal-America Project, Betty Makoni’s Girl Child Network Worldwide, and Black Art in America. To learn more, or to hear her latest house music releases, please visit: or

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Stick around after the performances

for an interactive post-show talkback!

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Production Team

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Summer Dawn

Summer is the founder and director of In Full Color, both the show and the organization. She's also the co-founder of 68 Productions and the winner of the Permanent Career Award in Literature from the Society of Arts and Letters-NJ and the N.J. Governor's Award in Arts Education. She's also an events coordinator, arts journalist, writer, actress, activist and teaching artist. In case you were wondering, she's Chinese, Filipino and Spanish.

She curates, directs, produces, markets and administrates all aspects of In Full Color's annual theater show. She does everything from spend three hours working with each performer to develop and perfect their piece and our graphic design to creating the show's multimedia elements. 

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Technical Director


RescuePoetix™ is the Poet Laureate of Jersey City. She is a New Jersey native with deep family roots in Puerto Rico. Writing since she could remember, she found her performance voice and fell in love with Jersey City’s underground Arts diversity. She has over fifty original works recorded and developed collaborations from all corners of the world. Releases are available at a variety of online portals. RescuePoetix™ poetry is motivational, uplifting and empowering; designed to connect on a level far deeper than what the eye can perceive. Spinning verses in Spanish and English, her words weave stories of strength, growth, experience and love in its many evolving forms. @rescuepoetix

She is an In Full Color Board Member and Alumna of IFC19 and the Bloom Virtual Summit.

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Asst. Technical Director

Crystal M. Davis

Crystal is the author & creator for Crystal Letters. She was born and raised in Jersey City. You can see her creativity through her abstract paintings, photography and poetry. Crystal is a freelance writer, editor and through Crystal Letters, she provides writing and marketing services in JC and NYC.


She is an in her words Alumna and was featured in our Quarantine Cuties IG Live series!

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