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In Full Color 2023

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A manghwa-style self-portrait of a serene Asian woman whose head is softly splitting open to reveal white noise and neon pink blood. She is surrounded by urban chaos and cherry blossoms amongst the stars. Text on the poster is reiterated below.
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We're back...

In Full Color made its in-person return with its seventh season! Our new annual theatrical show featured 9 new stories, poems & songs by a diverse cast of women, femmes & TGNC folx of color.

The IFC2023 cast explored  feminine power, ancestral roots,  Jainism, mental health, dating while bleu, family, an ode to the Heights, the many shapes of grief, self-love and more.

Represented communities include: Black, Afro-Latinx, Asian, South Asian, Hispanic/Latinx, Middle Eastern, Arab, LGBTQ+, Disabled, Immigrant and Multilingual.


In Full Color 2023 was Friday, Oct. 13 and Saturday, Oct. 14, 2023 at the Barrow Mansion, 83 Wayne St., Jersey City, NJ. Friday's show was followed by a cast chat. 

The venue is ADA-compliant and is located on Wayne Street between Barrow and Jersey, accessible via the Grove Street PATH Station. This show was recommended for audiences 13 and up.

ASL interpretation was provided on both nights. Large print programs were available upon request. For access needs, contact

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Meet the Cast

in alphabetical order

Ali de Leon, an Afro-Latinx woman in ther 30s with long curly hair. She gives the viewer a sensual look.

Aquí La Que La (Musical Number)

Ali de León (she/her IFC16, IFC 18)

This Afro-Latina's feminist Latin trap anthem celebrates women as the source of life & endless potential.


Ali de León is an independent recording artist born and raised in Jersey City, NJ. Her love for rhythm and movement, and the importance of self-expression has inspired her to make music in all genres. So far these include rap, trap, and musica urbana. With every song, Ali aims to empower women by deeply and unapologetically emerging into her feelings in hopes of helping herself and those who can relate to release and heal. You can find Ali de León on all digital platforms, including three music videos on youtube and her song UFO on Netflix's original series Gentefied (Season 2, episode 5).

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Crystal Davis, an Asian-presenting multiracial woman in her 30s, smiles at the viewer in good humor. She has long, curly hair.


Crystal Letters (she/her | IFC Touring Troupe)

(TW: Brief Allusion to Slavery, Gambling) A multiracial poet honors her Black, Native American, Asian and white family.


Crystal Davis is a multidisciplinary and mixed media performance artist, poet, painter, freelance writer, editor, and social media marketer. Born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey, she is the author and creator at Crystal Letters, and the Co-Founder and Co-Producer of OpenRoad Poetry, an artistic partnership between CL and RescuePoetix TM. Her art and writing projects, CL and ORP, have collaborated with arts non-profit organizations and artists across the Tri-State area, nationally, and internationally.

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Dipti Mehta, an Indian woman in her 40s, smiles sweetly at the viewer.

Religion a la Carte

Dipti Mehta (she/her | The Nest Play Development Series)

A South Asian woman grows up surrounded by gods that she doesn't worship, but that are a deep part of her culture. In this comedic monologue, she shares a bit about her religion, Jainism.


Dipti is an actor. She has worked extensively on radio, TV, theater and film industry both in Mumbai and New York. She is super excited to share her not-so-world-famous beliefs on Gods at IFC 2023. Learn more about her here.

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Jacquese Armstrong, a Black woman in her 60s, touches her chin thoughtfully and looks at the viewer confidently with a playful and knowing smile.

Underground Railroad of the Mind

written by Jacquese Armstrong (she/her | in her words, Sharing Out Loud)

performed by Brianna Martinez (read more about her below!)

(TW: Psychoses, Slavery) An African-American mental health advocate looks back and looks forward at her journey, sharing how the voices in her head led her to poetry & progress, like Moses leading enslaved people to freedom on the Underground Railroad.


Jacquese is a poet/writer/workshop creator, author of "birthing yourself naturally: motivational reflections on a mental health journey" (2022) and "blues legacy" (Broadside Lotus Press, 2019). She was a 2022 "Black Fire—This Time Anthology" Summer Fellow with Aquarius Press, recipient of the 2019 Naomi Long Madgett Poetry Award and 2015 Ambassador Award from the State of New Jersey Governor’s Council on Mental Health Stigma for promoting wellness and recovery and reducing stigma through the arts.

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Brianna Martinez, an Afro-Latinx woman in her 20s, takes a selfie with a grin.

Underground Railroad of the Mind

written by Jacquese Armstrong (read more about her & this piece above!)

performed by Brianna Martinez (she/her | IFC debut!)


Brianna is a Black Dominican actress who does what she loves for a multitude of reasons. She acts to inspire, spread love, have fun, heal, and learn. Performing is one of the few ways she feels she can make her mark on people who interact with her artwork. She has had an artist's mind, heart and spirit since she was born and she will for the rest of her life.

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Kendra Augustin, a Black woman in her 30s, smiles openly.

Bleu Cheese

Kendra Augustin (she/her | The Nest Play Development Series: Death in the Family,
That One Comedy Night)


If your love life is cheesy and also makes you feel a lil bleu, this punny poem-monologue is ripe for you.


Kendra is a playwright, budding filmmaker, and a retired sketch comedy writer. Her play, Sisterhood in the Time of the Apocalypse, has been developed via The Bechdel Group's "The Bechdel Test - it's a damn low bar" residency, The Playground Experiment 's Required Reading series, and was first performed as a short play at The Fire This Time Festival in Season 10. Recently, she was one of the four writers who were part of The Fire This Time Festival's New Works Lab Cycle 5 (2022-2023) where she developed a new full length play. Her anthology play, Death in the Family was produced by In Full Color and Dixon Place at Dixon Place in 2021.

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ASL interpretation both nights by Thyson Halley & Tabiatha Lee

Stick around after Friday's show for a
behind-the-scenes chat with the cast,
facilitated by Director Summer Dawn!

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R.Sen, a South Asian woman in her 30s, sits outside in the blazing sun, grinning and squinting thru its rays.


R.sen the Poet (she/her | IFC debut!)

In losing her grandmother, this Asian woman gains new knowledge about herself.


R.sen is a Central Jersey-based poet and musician with an unhealthy obsession with dogs.

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Rubi G., an Afro-Latinx woman, looks off into the distance with cool confidence.

Maria's Audacious Dream (Ode to Washington Heights)

Rubi G. (she/her | IFC debut!)

(TW: Poverty) What is the American Dream? The Dominican-American dream? This Afro-Latinx mother looks back on growing up in the Washington Heights and wonders where else her family's dreams will take her and her children. 


Lisa “Rubi G.” Ventura (she/her) is a Washington Heights bred Black Dominican poet, essayist, teaching artist, and author of ¿Con qué papel me envuelves la luna? A VONA 2022 alumni and featured poet for Morris-Jumel Mansion, she’s been published by Dominican Writers, The Economic Hardship Reporting Program with Slate, among others. Interviewed for The Nation’s Going for Broke podcast/documentary series and Refinery29, Lisa’s work has been showcased by various arts organizations. Learn more about her here.

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Amel Khalil, a Middle Eastern woman in her 30s with dark bobbed hair, gazing at the viewer with strength and resolve.

Oh My Yumma

Amel Khalil (she/her | IFC Board Member, Production Support, IFC17)

(TW: Parental Death) A Middle Eastern woman learns to live with the shapeshifting grief following her mother's death.


Amel is a Palestinian American Actress and Comedian from New Jersey. As a content creator and writer, Amel focuses on elevating the narrative of Arabs and Muslims in all aspects of media. Recent credits include a recurring co-star on Showtime's Super Pumped and a recurring Guest Star on City on Fire (Apple 23’). Other credits include appearances on Equalizer, New Amsterdam, Madam Secretary and more. This will be Amel’s first time performing an original spoken word piece.

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Sacred Lotus, a Latinx woman in her 20s, croons soulfully into a mic while playing acoustic guitar.

She's My Best Friend (Musical Number)

Sacred Lotus (she/her | IFC debut!)

This Latinx singer/guitarist performs an ode to a mysterious girl who's always been there for her -- only to discover true love and friendship has been inside her all along.


Sacred Lotus is a LatinX singer-songwriter from Elmhurst, N.Y. She earned a scholarship to Juilliard becoming a classically trained violinist at the age of 16. She also suffered from an early age with her mental health. She uses music and poetry to express her inner most vulnerable thoughts & feelings. Jessica has an eclectic taste in music & combines her unique voice to take you on a sonic journey through her mind. She now uses her disabilities as super powers and dedicates her passion to empower other artist with disabilities by turning her scars into stars.

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Meet the Production Team

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Summer Dawn, an Asian/Hispanic woman in her 30s grins widely and warmly in complete delight

Director and Producer

Summer Dawn (she/ella)

Summer defies multi-hyphenation as a writer, director, actor, teaching artist and more! She founded In Full Color in 2015 when she recognized the need for women of color like herself to share their stories in their voices. Today, IFC has expanded into a full-fledged arts organization empowering BIPOC artists of all genders that has received two commendations from the NJ State Assembly and the Jersey City Arts Council's Performing Arts Award. IFC has served ~350 artists from across mostly North America. Summer also teaches theater and writing for Young Audiences (where she is also Artist Services Manager), Lincoln Center Theatre and Storytelling Arts. She's a two-time winner of the NJ Governor's Award in Arts Education and sings pop-R&B as Vero Verano.

In her direction, Summer collaborates with writers to discover dynamics, a full emotional palette and power in their own work. She creates a safe, nurturing environment for performers to tell stories rooted in their experiences and identities, and allows them to explore new extensions of their artistic selves. She is most rewarded seeing IFC's alum develop new skills, connect with each other and find authentic joy.

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RescuePoetix, a Latinx woman in her 50s, gives a sly, confident grin, looking the viewer directly in the eye

Selection Committee, Fire Marshal, Production Support

RescuePoetix (she/ella | Board Member, IFC19)


RescuePoetix™ is the former Poet Laureate of Jersey City. She is a New Jersey native with deep family roots in Puerto Rico. Writing since she could remember, she found her performance voice and fell in love with Jersey City’s underground Arts diversity. She has over fifty original works recorded and developed collaborations from all corners of the world. Releases are available at a variety of online portals. RescuePoetix™ poetry is motivational, uplifting and empowering; designed to connect on a level far deeper than what the eye can perceive. Spinning verses in Spanish and English, her words weave stories of strength, growth, experience and love in its many evolving forms. @rescuepoetix


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Venida Rodman Jenkins, a Black woman pictured here in her 40s, performs to an audience with her hands on her heart.

Selection Committee, Rehearsal Venue Coordinator

Venida C. Rodman Jenkins (she/her | Board Member, IFC17)

Venida is committed to providing visibility, encouragement, love, and brave spaces to those who have been oppressed. She has carried out this work for many years as a minister, educator and advocate. Venida is the Director of the Speicher-Rubin Women’s Center for Equity and Diversity at New Jersey City University. She is the founder and pastor of EMBRACE Church, and she is as an Adjunct Professor at New York Theological Seminary where she teaches Pastoral Care and Counseling. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Syracuse University, and the Master of Divinity degree from New York Theological Seminary. Venida is a singer and writer, and has enjoyed participating in triathlons and half marathons.

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Lucky Peatro, a Black man wearing glasses grins warmly at the viewer.

Technical Director

Lucky Pearto (he/him | IFC debut!)


Lucky is the founder of Luckys Lighting, a company whose mission is to shine light on upcoming artists and expose their incredible gift. By curating exhibitions for all artists, he effectively creates an environment in which the artists can succeed most efficiently. He provides collaborating artists the ability to share raw emotion on prominent topics about human connections and create collaborative forms of exhibition. He also aims to provide artists a better opportunity to showcase their best even though they don't have access to certain equipment and collaborators, and to share creativity by illuminating those in the dark.

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Ivana Williamson, a Black woman, grins widely and sweetly

Assistant Technical Director

Ivana Williamson (she/they | IFC debut!)

Meet Ivana, a Black woman who is defying stereotypes and making waves in the entertainment and show production industry. As an assistant technical director, they bring their exceptional talent, creativity, and determination to every project they undertake. Passionate about inclusivity, they proudly identify as non-binary, advocating for diversity and representation in the industry. With their unwavering commitment and unique perspective, Ivana is breaking barriers, challenging norms, and looking to inspire others to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

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Caro, a Hispanic woman, smiles at the camera unpreteniously


Caro Rosario (she/her | IFC debut!)


Caro is a lifelong creative and has been photographing for five years. She is driven to use her medium to capture unique moments and give vision and voice to other creatives in their own pursuit to express their passions. She specializes in freelance concert and event photography. She also enjoys portrait and street photography.

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George Forchuk, a multiracial Asian person, stands with confidence and swag


George Forchuk (he/they | IFC debut!)

George has been a Digital Media Producer since 2014, working for various live events, ad agencies, and a variety of clients. George work hands-on with clients to establish their brands using digital content creation and social media management. Starting from initial planning & brainstorming, to full production, post-production editing, and final delivery in the form of multiple social media platforms and scheduling.

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Kate Marley, an Asian woman, gazes at the viewer, stoic and strong

Visual Artist

Kate Marley (IFC debut!)


Kate is an actor, visual artist, photographer, and several other professional titles within the arts and entertainment industry. She is a Korean-American adoptee living in Los Angeles and pursuing all the paths that bring her joy. She is a lover of food, Korean entertainment, and music. She designed the original poster art featured in IFC2023's graphics, featuring a self-portrait in her signature style framed by cherry blossoms and stars. This unique, powerful image and gorgeous color palette inspired this year's promotional materials, which were designed by Summer Dawn.

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MJ, a biracial Asian woman with long hair engages the viewer with confidence

Volunteer Coordinator, Production Support

Mary J. Sansait (she/her | Board Member, Newark PorchFest)

Mary is a Jersey City born and raised creative entrepreneur and mother of two. Growing up in a single mother household along with her love for music, inspired her to pursue a professional journey that would combine community upliftment and the arts. Mary worked with a local 501c3 Jersey City non-profit that assists entrepreneurs and small businesses. She is an accomplished singer and recording artist, who continues to use her talents to engage fellow creatives in the community. She has produced showcases and performed as M. Josephine alongside various underground heavy weights such as M1 of Dead Prez, Silent Knight, Rugged N Raw, John Robinson and The Band Called FUSE. She is the founder & president of Inspired Artist Movement, a platform for artists and creatives to move their career forward while empowering them to use their voice for positive social impact. She is also the founder of Goddess Ntwrk, a space and resource for womxn to heal their trauma and celebrate their inner goddess.

This production would not be possible without our incredible supporters:

Jersey City Arts & Culture Trust Fund

Barrow Mansion

Bloom 2023 performers, volunteers & donors

(listed alphabetically)

Ali de León
Ameerah Shabazz-Bilal
Artistic Afro
Aurora Diaz
Bill Rood
Bitty City Players
Bryana Brady
Crystal Letters
Cynthia & Patrick McCann
David Kostus
Deborah T. Kilday
Dena Igusti
Eileen Ramos
Erica Nagel
Jackie Santos
Jason Colinco
Jocelyn Jeffries
Julie Pasqual
Justin Galletto
Kai Xing Mun
Liliane Wolf
Lilly Andersen
Linda Helm Krapf
Mary J. Sansait
Michael Roberson Reid
Nancy Méndez-Booth
Nia Reid-Allen
Robert Castillo
Ruani Ribe
Sarinya Srisakul
Theta Pavis
The WCE Inc.

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Photos by Caro Rosario

Our Show, In Order of Performance:

Aquí La Que by Ali de León

Ancestors by Crystal Letters

Religion a La Carte by Dipti Mehta

Underground Railroad of the Mind by Jacquese Armstrong, performed by Brianna Martinez

Bleu Cheese by Kendra Augustin

Air by R. Sen the Poet

Maria's Audacious Dream (Ode to Washington Heights) by Rubi G.

Oh My Yumma by Amel Khalil

She's My Best Friend by Sacred Lotus

Sound Design: Summer Dawn with sources from Alex-Productions, Vedic Chants for Good Life.
Open Sky Manifesto [2020/0202 Thomas Park Inspired Mix by The Kinetic Collective] by Nova Beat Estate (Free Music Archive)

Box Office: Liliane Wolf

Production Support: Brendon Masters

Special Thanks: Beth Marshall, Tina Duong, Steven Rodas, Norman Kirby, Olga Levina, Janae Harris

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