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La Sala (Spanish/Ilonggo/Portuguese/Tagalog/etc for "living room") is a secret venue in a private apartment in Downtown Jersey City that has housed several local creatives and artists over the years.


Today's current occupants includes In Full Color founder/director Summer Dawn, who is opening the space to local BIPOC artists in the IFC Family for small events.


Our estimated capacity for guests is 20-30, with folx sitting on a mix of traditional and nontraditional furniture. (See seating breakdown below). Standing room adds ~10 folx.


Our total living room space is about 15'x17', with prime play space measuring 11.5'x8'. Our layout for most of the room is flexible, as much of the furniture can be rearranged.

Plugged In

Our space offers multiple lighting options, sound equipment, kitchen access, video projectors and other cool stuff.  (See equipment list below.)

Transit Friendly

We are a short walk from both the Grove and Journal Square PATH stations and near a bus stop. The Light Rail is a slightly longer walk away. Street parking is rough, but possible.


Our lighting options include a natural, warm conversational look; a dance party look with music-activated lights; and a dramatic production look with a spotlight. The front window also lets in lots of natural light for daytime events, and has fairy lights for nighttime charm.


More looks can also be achieved by utilizing some of our equipment below, or bringing in your own lights. (We have 14 grounded outlets and 5 ceiling hooks, if that helps!)

Possible Uses

Readings, get-togethers, open music jams, small concerts, intimate performances. All art forms welcome: visual, music, comedy, theater, poetry and more....

Access Notes

Please note that unfortunately our space is not wheelchair accessible. La Sala is on the second floor at the top of a flight of 15 steps.

Artsy Vibes

Our home is filled with fun, quirky items and art by local artists like Norm Kirby, Alicia Ruth & more. Also, we can accommodate moderate noise -- small groups, acoustic acts & solo/duo music acts are welcome!


This is a private home and we must respect our neighbors and the residents of this home. All promotion must be done without the exact location of La Sala, and all artists and guests should be mindful of treating the property with care. 

View from All Sides

Equipment and Amenities List

The following is included with all rentals of La Sala (click on the item to see specs):

Technical Equipment

- PA system with mixer, two speakers, basic vocal mic and cables

- Speaker stands (optional)

- 1 SM58 vocal mic

- 2 mic stands

- Use of one special lighting instrument (LED light or party lights)

- 1 foldable music stand

- 1 tripod


- promotion on IFC social media channels (optional)

- access to kitchen and artist-only bathroom

The following are available for a small rental charge:

- large 1080p ceiling-mounted projector

- medium 1080p unmounted projector (can be placed on tripod or any flat surface in the venue, see sample images)

- 1/4" cables (3 total)

- foot-activated switch extension cords

- 6-foot folding table

Seating List

Like any artist home, our seating options include a mix of traditional and nontraditional furniture.

- 4 black folding chairs

- 2-3 seats on sofa

- 1 armchair

- 3 ottomans (various sizes)

- 3 meditation pillows

- 2 floor pillows

- 4-6 total seats on two benches

- 2 high-top stools

- 3 nontraditional seats on coffee table

- 2 nontraditional seats on side tables

- blankets available for floor seating

Total: 26-29 seats, blanket space not included

The Deal

Our goal is for artists to use the space for free. However, we must also compensate the other occupants  for generously sharing this space (the "Roomie Fee") and cover some basic costs on our end.

(Sorry for all the math, but we wanna be completely transparent.)

All artists must submit a simple, informal proposal for an event at La Sala. (Literally, just email or DM Summer.) If selected, the artist must make a non-refundable deposit of $150. They will receive a rental period of 4 hours in the space and up to 1 hour of planning meetings/time with Summer.

In Full Color will have drinks available on a donation basis. All artists must also charge $10+ for admission. Together, these incomes will help our artist recover their deposit, make the artist some dollas, cover production costs, fund IFC's mission of creating opportunities for BIPOC artists, guarantee base pay for a bartender, and pay our Roomie Fee. Everyone wins!

All income will be pooled. If sales exceed $150, the artist will recover their deposit. We deduct a ~15% Roomie Fee, rounded to the nearest multiple of 10. The remaining funds are divided evenly between the artist and In Full Color.


If we charge 20 folx $10 each for an event, and they each buy two $6 drinks, we make $440. The artist recovers their $150 deposit. We deduct a Roomie Fee of $70 and pay our bartender $50, leaving $320 to divide between the artist and IFC. Both parties receive $160 each.

Or... if we charge 5 folx $10 each for an event, and only two of them buy one $6 drink, we make $62. In this case, IFC keeps the $150 deposit and uses it to pay the Roomie Fee and bartender. The artist will take the $62 home.

Interested? Great! Reach out to Summer -- this opportunity is only open to artists who have an existing relationship with her or IFC, so if you're eligible, you should have her contact already. ;)

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