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In Full Color hosted "Uplifting Palestine" on Dec. 14 in Jersey City, NJ. If you missed the event, it's not too late to contribute:


(this will help us track our impact, but you should donate thru whatever avenue you want.

100% of all general donations to IFC thru 12/31 will go to Gaza relief. indicate "Gaza" in notes)

Several NJ and NY artists shared original poetry and song, as well as excerpts from The Gaza Monologues created by Ashtar Theatre, a Palestinian theater company that compiled works by Gazan writers in 2010 and today in 2023. Performers presented primarily in English, as well as Spanish.

See the performances below:


In Full Color is an award-winning organization that empowers women of color and other BIPOC of marginalized genders through education and the arts. We lead a storytelling revolution called Authentic Representation in theater, visual art, comedy, music, dance and other media. We also educate, entertain and engage audiences of all colors, genders and ages about diversity, equity, inclusion and justice. We have served 350+ artists around the globe, mostly in North America. Our artist roster is 93% BIPOC and 25% LGBTQ+. We were previously known as Thinking In Full Color. IFC is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. For more information, visit our main website.


Email summer at infullcolor dot org.


Palestinians are experiencing genocide at the hands of Israeli settlers who are occupying Palestine and dropping continuous bombs on Gaza with $3.8 billion in weapons and more from the United States. The death toll as of 12/29 is 20,000+, with thousands more wounded, disabled or displaced.


muslimgirl resources

Prism Reports

Donate: Palestine Emergency Relief Kits


We understand that this catastrophe can feel far away, that Americans may not be familiar with the political and historical context of these events, or that you may be unsure of what to think or say. Many folx who have seen on-the-ground reporting on social media, including photos and videos of those wounded or killed by Israeli bombs, feel the pain of the Palestinian people viscerally and are inspired to support the cause. If you still have questions, here are some reasons to stand with Palestine. This list is not exhaustive.


If you are a Jewish person…

Israel does not protect their own. They have bombed buildings and areas known to have Israeli civilians – many hostages who were held by Hamas and who have since been released have said they feared being bombed by Israel more than they did experiencing harm at the hands of their captors, who treated them humanely.

Their mandatory military service requirement also means that every Israeli person who is of-age has served in the IDF and was forced to be complicit in the genocide of Palestinians. Many former IDF soldiers are permanently mentally and emotionally scarred by their actions while in service. There are, in fact, many Israeli people who support the Palestinian cause for liberation in part because of what they discovered about the colonist regime’s brutality while in military service.

It is also worth noting that part of healing from the multigenerational trauma all Jewish people have inherited as the descendants of persecuted and oppressed people, especially in the light of the Holocaust, is knowing that “Never Again” means never again, to anyone. There are many Jews of all backgrounds both in and outside Israel who are anti-Zionist and believe in a free Palestine.


If you are Black or Latinx…

Israel is responsible for arming oppressors around the world, playing an active role in enslavement, exploitation and genocide in Congo, Sudan and Rwanda. In Israel, Ethiopian Jewish women were given birth control without their knowledge or consent and Black Jews experience aggressive racism in general. In the United States, police officers receive training from the IDF and use these techniques to oppress and murder Black people – the hold Derek Chauvin used to murder George Floyd is just one such example.

In Latin America, many corrupt governments and military forces have relied on Israel for weapons support – Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia…the list goes on.


If you are an environmentalist…

Israel has been documented using illegal white phosphorous, which causes deep burns down to the bones that may even reignite in the remains of humans killed by this poison. It can also contaminates water, builds up in marine food chains and may remain in deep soil for years.

Israel has also burned down, uprooted or otherwise destroyed olive trees that have lived for hundreds of years and that were tended to by generations of Palestinian families.

Israel also targeted horseback riding clubs, knowing Palestinians are deeply connected to their horses and to horseback riding as a pastime.


If you are an intellectual...

Israel has targeted schools, historical places of worship, architectural marvels – as well as scholars, activists, journalists and poets. They seek to destroy Palestine completely, erasing its culture from the Earth. 


There are many more reasons that this cause merits the attention of many people from many walks of life. Click the resources above, follow Palestinian creators and dive in. The oppression of one is the oppression of us all, and we are here for Palestinian liberation and every liberation.

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