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Dressing up to go to the Laundromat, pining for a cute coworker on the other side of a cubicle parition, making up and making out in the rain.... 


For a young girl just finding her footing in life, every day is an adventure -- especially when boys are involved. And while there are some things about boys that are terrible, there are also so many things about them that are wonderful, otherwordly and even euphoric.


In "Boys I Haven't Loved Yet," Summer Dawn looks at her world and the men in them through bright, lovesick eyes. Her characters swing in and out of their grand delusions, into quiet, intimate moments where they come closest to finding the real meaning of love. And while these short stories can be certainly left-of-center, and often quite silly, they're also never short of sincere.



In Full Color is an award-winning organization that empowers women of color through education and the arts. We are leading a storytelling revolution that empowers woman-identified creators from marginalized ethnic groups to achieve the highest levels of Authentic Representation in theater, visual art, comedy, music, dance and other media. We also aim to entertain and educate audiences of all colors and genders about the need for diversity in the media, racial issues and cultural exchange. We were previously known as Thinking In Full Color. IFC is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. For more information, visit

Boys I Haven't Loved Yet

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