What is it like...


... being an Arab woman in post-9/11 America?

... finding where you fall along the line between "Asian" and "American"?

... being a "spicy Latina" if you have papers, but a "disease" if you don't?

... never feeling, as a Black woman, that you or your family are truly safe?


We didn't know, either. That's why we let these 49 women give us a glimpse of what life is like in their skin.


Founded in 2015, Thinking In Full Color's theatrical production In Full Color helps women of color share their stories and spark timely conversations about some of our society's biggest issues.


This Anthology features works from the show's 2015 to 2019 seasons. Whether you're an actress of color looking for a powerful audition monologue, or just a curious reader looking to learn more about people who are not like yourself, this collection of monologues and poems is perfect for you. Listen to us, then speak out yourself.

The First Five Years Anthology

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