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10 women of color candidates to vote for in Election 2020

The revolution is now! Here are 10 women of color who are running in various elections this year. Can't vote for them? Consider making a donation to their campaign, following them on social media, or spreading the word so your friends in their district can put women in power on November 3rd.

U.S. Senate for Tennessee

Marquita would be the first black woman elected statewide to office by either majority political party in Tennessee. Her campaign focuses on securing a Green New Deal, Medicare For All, full-funded high-quality schools, and environmental justice. She is an environmentalist, black activist and single mother.

Oregon Senate, District 30, OR

Carina's platform focuses on the needs of the rural tribal community of Oregon, water conservation in an area facing an ever-growing water shortage, education in rural parts of Oregon, and environmental land management to protect the state's vulnerable resources.

Florida House, District 28, FL

Pasha is a 3rd generation resident of Seminole County who doesn't just understand the struggles of a too-long neglected community, she lives it. After graduating from USF and taking executive courses Yale, Pasha set out to work in the private sector. However, once she realized the needs of her Sanford community, she returned to help preserve Black history in her family's nonprofit museum. Since then, Pasha has worked tirelessly to connect her community with the services and programs they need and deserve.

Pasha ran for Mayor of Sanford as the first Black and first woman to run for this seat but lost by a narrow margin, shaking up the establishment in 2018. Pasha has not stopped campaigning to bring a voice to government that looks like, sounds like, and lives like her and many like her. Pasha said she’s planning to focus on education, health care and environment as her top issues. She also wants an opportunity to help change the Seminole County representation in the Florida Legislature.

California State Assembly, District 64, CA

Fatima Iqbal-Zubair is a public school teacher from Watts, community advocate, immigrant, mother, wife and Carson resident. She serves on the Watts Rising Leadership Council, an environmental collaborative working to improve air quality, create sustainable, affordable housing, and bring good green jobs to Watts. Her legislative agenda includes clean air, clean water and clean food, high quality public education, tuition free college, healthcare and guaranteed housing for all as human rights for all. She is endorsed by Sunrise Movement-LA, Our Revolution-LA, Progressive Democratic Club, California Progressive Alliance, Evolve CA, Carson Alliance for Truth and more.

State Senate, District 41, GA

Kim Jackson, an ordained Episcopal Priest, a public theologian and a fierce community activist. Kim works to end the death penalty, advocates for women’s and children’s issues, and is passionate about creating a more just Georgia. In 2018, the Georgia House of Representatives passed a resolution that commended her for her 'tireless efforts on behalf of the disenfranchised, disenchanted, and dispossessed' (GA House Resolution 1188).

Gabby Salinas State House of Representatives, District 97, TN

Gabby Salinas is a scientist, healthcare advocate, and three-time cancer survivor running for Tennessee House District 97. Gabby immigrated to Tennessee twenty-three years ago to be treated for cancer at St. Jude. It was while going through cancer therapy that she fell in love with science. Salinas said she wants to base her campaign platform on Medicaid expansion to obtain federal funds, raises for K-12 education and stabilizing education in a COVID atmosphere.

State House of Representatives, District 47, FL

Representative Anna V. Eskamani is an Orlando native and daughter of immigrants who has worked relentlessly her entire life to protect all members of her community through effective advocacy, bold leadership, and strategic management. A community organizer with a proven track record in building consensus while fighting unapologetically for progressive values, for the last six years Anna served as the Senior Director of Public Affairs and Communications for Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida. Anna is also a PhD student in Public Affairs at the University of Central Florida and serves as an Adjunct Professor teaching Intro to Women’s Studies.

Anna is the first Iranian-American elected to any public office in Florida. Anna is an expert on all issues relating to women's lives. She also speaks on LGBTQ equality, environmental protection, public education, healthcare access, affordable housing, gun violence, and government accountability including tax policy.

Suzanne Hug Arizona House, District 25, AZ

Suzanne is a small business owner, parent of kids currently attending public schools, and a respected community leader. Her dedication to data-driven solutions and pushing forward humanity centered ideas, such as fully funding public education and expanding healthcare solutions, will help develop Arizona into a national model. Her platform focuses on supporting small business, a return to servant leadership in government, creating a sustainable economy, investing in education, and streamlining government to make our systems more flexible, responsive, and fair.

Sameera Rajwade San Ramon (CA) City Council, District 3, CA

Sameera is a non-binary, first-generation, 21 year old running for San Ramon City Council on a platform of community reinvestment, educational reform, and demilitarization. Sameera is a community organizer moved to take on her hometown's city government to implement the movement to defund police that she and fellow organizers have been calling for in the streets. They organized the first protest in the town's history calling for the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement to be met by the city and have continued to fight for solidarity of Black lives around the Bay Area. Sameera’s campaign is revolutionizing the kind of person that can serve in local government and with your help in our fight this energy can be spread across the country. Sameera is currently building a coalition of other candidates around the Bay Area to call for a region wide movement around reinvesting in community by divesting from police.

Sameera was once on the City’s teen city council and has worked as a political journalist in D.C and organized with DSA and other activist groups before realizing they wanted to come back to their hometown and push for change locally. Sameera has been a community organizer in San Ramon and the Bay Area and has lived in the district they are now running to represent for their whole life. In their free time Sameera creates video art, paintings, and original music.

U.S. Vice President

And of course, leading the charge against Donald Trump is Kamala Harris, the vice presidential candidate running with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Kamala has already made history as the first Black woman and South Asian woman to be a majority party vice presidential candidate -- and could further cement her place in history if Joe Biden wins the election.

These 10 are just some of the many women of color running for office this year, joining the ranks of many other WOC in power who have pushed for progressive policies that benefit all marginalized groups. Support WOC, other BIPOC, women, disabled folx, queer folx and others from groups that are currently not well represented in our legislative bodies. The time to end fascism is now.

If you'd like to support In Full Color and our mission to empower women of color through education and the arts -- as well as send a strong message to other votes -- grab our Put Women in Power tank top today, now only $14.90.

Know any other women who need support? Shout them out below!


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