12 Black-owned businesses, artists to support

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Supporting Black businesses is more important than ever, not only because of the ongoing fight against racial injustices and anti-black racism in the U.S. and around the world -- but also because COVID-19 has disproportionately affected Black and brown people, women and small businesses.

Here are 12 businesses at various stages of growth in diverse industries to support -- most are woman-owned, too!

Splendid Rain

Pro-Black Apparel | Website | Instagram

This amazing brand is Black- and woman-owned and features quality clothing with high-quality burns like "COLUMBUS WAS A MURDERER," "FUCK YOUR RACIST GRANDMA" and "PRO-BLACK, ANTI-BULLSHIT." Take a stand and look good doing it.

Lex Jewels

Women's Boutique | Website | Instagram

Swimsuits, leggings, footwear, jumpsuits, coordinated sets -- Lex Jewels has it all. If there's one thing Black woman entrepreneurs can do, it's curate a mean boutique catalog. For those from In Full Color's hometown of Jersey City, you'll be glad to know owner Dana McKenzie is one of Chilltown's own!

Hard Decora

Apparel, Accessories & Illustrations | Website | Instagram

It just doesn't get more adorable than Hard Decora. This "aggressively cute" brand is colorful, fun and Black woman-owned! It's inspired by Harajuku Decora style with bright pastels and bows decorating everything from nails to toy guns.

Starly Art

Art, Zines & More | Website | Instagram

Black girls have been expressing themselves through art since the dawn of time, infusing books, paintings and more with their very essence. Bree of Starly Art is no different, with original sculptures, art, stickers and zines.

Glim & Glow

Home Fragrances | Website | Instagram

Make your home a true sanctuary and find your inner peace with soy candles, incense and more from Glim & Glow. From the tropical getaway-in-a-jar Escapade to the sensual Uncommon Woman, they've unique scents that make great gifts -- for your loved ones, or yourself.

Sleeping Doe

Reuseable Menstrual Pads | Etsy

For those living the zero-waste lifestyle, reusable cloth menstrual pads can be a goddess-send. Since some people with periods can't use menstrual cups, these are a great alternative that is easy to use and clean.


Apparel and Accessories | Website | Facebook