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VIDEO: What is 'brown privilege'?

"We always hear about white privilege, but what about brown privilege?"

It's a concept that IFC16 & 17 alumna Nancy Méndez-Booth unpacks in her newest piece. Many of you saw her perform the monologue for the first time at Bloom In Full Color in March. After being laid off from her corporate job, La Nancy goes through a period of soul searching and career drifting, during which she discovers the humiliation -- and privilege -- of being brown.

You can now see video of "Brown Privilege" as well as several other performances from the fundraiser on YouTube! Other performances include "I Forgive You" by Liliane Wolf, In the monologue, she confronts casual racism, immigration issues, white indifference and other common issues faced by Latinas.

We also have a preview of In Full Color 2018! See "Walls" by Alina Hortillosa, our founder's 14-year-old sister. Summer Dawn Reyes stepped up to the mic at Bloom In Full Color to deliver the young poet's piece about Asian/White biracial identity -- the challenges of being the only Asian girl in class, and of being surrounded by girls who look more like your mom that you do.

Video by Doug Stoveken

Image by AcidTest Photography

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