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See singer Ali de Leon's entrancing set

More video from Bloom In Full Color, our first annual spring fundraiser, is now online! See the full set from rising star Ali de León whose mix of hip hop, pop and Latin elements had our audience buzzing.

Other new uploads include opening number "How to Leave a Man and Country," a rallying but nurturing cry for victims of domestic abuse and oppressive governments by Dena Igusti, performed by Alicia Rivas (Ali de Leon's acting alter ego), Nancy Méndez-Booth and our founder and director Summer Dawn Reyes.

You can also see our Cultural Open Mic, where guests stepped up to the mic to share about their own identities!


In other news, please note there are only two weeks left to submit monologues, poetry and other writing to In Full Color! Deadline is 5/15. Musicians, visual artists, dancers and others have until 5/23.

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