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Bring TIFC to your school!

It's Back to School season and Thinking In Full Color is kicking off another year of its educational outreach program. We already have plans to return to University of Connecticut and hold a theatrical writing residency at Hudson County Community College in Jersey City, N.J. (Apply here! -- Deadline is Sept. 29.)

What exactly happens when we visit a college or university? Generally, three actresses from the TIFC family perform two pieces each -- some of them are monologues or poems they've written themselves, and other are borrowed from other writers. We then sit down and talk back with our audience, which is the best freaking part.

Here's some of the things we've seen in our talkbacks:

  • Many college-aged women of color tell us our work is the first time they've ever felt represented in the arts or media. Ever. Even living 17 plus years in one of the most diverse areas on the planet, these women have never turned on the TV and thought, "Hey, that's totally me."

  • Everyone gets cat-called. Everyone. And it's hella annoying.

  • Everyone has a story they are dying to tell! We always tell students to sign up for our updates so they can submit to our next show -- IFC18 was chock full of ladies from New Jersey City University because of our outreach at their school!

We've also done in-classroom workshops, getting students of all colors and genders to write about their identities and learn about others', and are expanding our programming to include comedy shows, parties and more!

Want TIFC to come to your school? Reach out to us at thinkinginfullcolor at gmail dot com.

Learn more about booking here.

See all of our upcoming events here.

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