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TIFC launches new comedy series!

Ritu Chandra

Baby's first comedy show, "Sorry About Last Night: I Was an Asshole," was a huge success!

Yup, we are definitely not sorry about last night. Comedy lovers packed P. S. Wine Bar to see Grisel Cabrera, Ritu Chandra and IFC's Samille Ganges, who took the stage (as a comedian) for the very first time! All three women had the audience rolling with laughter as they recounted stories of times they were an asshole.

Grisel walked us through the five major tenets of asshole parenting, Ritu went back to her days of young assholery, and Samille took us to down and dirty South Jersey -- or really, Philadelphia.

Event proceeds will go towards TIFC programming. To see more upcoming events, click here. To find out when our next comedy night will be, follow us on Instagram, Like us on Facebook or join our email list.

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