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Help us make a coloring book for girls of color!

Growing up, we all have heroes, from cartoon characters that remind us of us to famous people who've overcome the same challenges we face. But finding these heroes isn't easy for everyone, especially young girls of color. Multi-dimensional minority characters in general are hard to come by in cartoons, movies and books -- and the pickings get even slimmer if you're looking for a woman or a girl.

That's why we're making Girls Who Colored Outside the Lines, a coloring book featuring women of color who have made a difference. We want to tell a dozen stories and inspire hundreds of girls. We want to give young girls of color positive role models who look like them, so they can visualize a world where they become heroes, too. Plus, we're asking artists of color to bring it to life!

But we need your help -- to make this happen, we need to raise $2,500 in only 30 days. Check out our Kickstarter to learn more about the projects and how to donate. You'll get tons of cool TIFC swag and good karma in return! DONATE TO OUR KICKSTARTER

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