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Time running out to support our coloring book!

We are so thrilled to see so many women leaders elected to office this midterm election -- how much greater could our country and the world be with more empowered WOC?

Creating this possible future is one of TIFC's main goals, and our latest project to help make that happen is Girls Who Colored Outside the Lines, a coloring book featuring women of color who have made a difference, designed to inspire little girls of color. We want to tell a dozen stories, and inspire hundreds of young minds.

While this is a small way to start, we believe that by showing these girls that they are strong, intelligent, persevering and special, we can empower them to pursue their own dreams and goals, no matter what society tells them.

We are currently at $1,000 -- but still need to raise $1,500 more by Nov. 15 -- or we'll get NOTHING.

See sample pages from the book by artists Nerissa Tutiven and Hiyasmine Gaskins below, and then donate here. For a pledge of just $35, you can get a copy of the book itself! There's also tons of other sweet swag available.


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