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Celebrate women & Latin rhythms at Viva La Mujer (Free Concert!)

If you love jazz, R&B and Latin rhythms, don't miss Thinking In Full Color's concerts kicking off Women's History Month!

On March 2, we're partnering with the City of Union City to present three rising women musicians -- with poetry and dance, too! Viva La Mujer is a celebration of Latin music, Hispanic culture and the power of women. Let's meet the talented ladies on our lineup!


Mercy Villa

Mercy is a self-identifying queer-Mexican-feminist whose writing is rooted in the art of love and healing. She transforms her poems, daydreams, heartbreaks and experiences with mental illness into songs she can share beyond the walls of her bedroom. She hopes her music can spiritually connect with others in her community.

You probably remember her from IFC18's closing number, performing her song "Eternal Spring."


Ali de León is an independent recording artist born and raised in Jersey City, NJ. Prior to 2012, Ali's focus was on theatre. Although music was always a part of her life, she never thought she would pursue it. In 2012, Ali was studying abroad in England, away from her family for the first time, and heartbroken when melodies and harmonies became the only way of release. From then on, Ali began to write music.

In 2016, Ali recorded her first song named "Abajo de Mi Cama" and released it on Soundcloud. In 2017, Ali released her first music video on YouTube called "Amor Platónico." In 2018, Ali released her EP ALIEN giving her audience a taste of her Spanglish Rap followed by her video "LOOK," which is available on her YouTube channel. Her latest song, 2019, called "TU," is a taste of a tropical paradise.

She is also a two-time IFC Alumna and regular performer for TIFC under the name Alicia Rivas. See our Touring Troupe page for her actress bio.


Blanche Eden (pronounced 'Blonc Eden'), is a singer-songwriter. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY with her single mom, a native Costa Rican. Eden's music has been described as Contemporary R&B, with mixtures of neo-soul, hip hop, dance pop, and trapsoul. Eden's lyrics have been called intimate, dark, and shockingly honest at times. Her nature of theme and writing style have been known to revolve heavily around sex, relationships, love and painful repressed experiences.

Eden began performing throughout NYC venues in 2015. Louie & Chan, Verboten, Pianos, The Flat, Santos Party House, Silvana, Bushwick Public House, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Sidewalk Cafe, 333 Lounge, & Lovecraft Bar NYC are amongst some of those included.

Check her out on YouTube: "Look Like Love," "Good Love," and "Jobeline."


wendelin immigrated Jersey City from the Dominican Republic before she was two years old. Her love of the word was nurtured with frequent trips to the local library as a child and music has been a constant in her life. She is being honored this year by the Hudson County Department of Cultural Affairs.


Baile Folklorico Raices Mexicanas is a Mexican cultural dance group. They dance their hearts out to our traditional dances with colorful traditional dresses and outfits from different states of Mexico. Folklorico is a dance they draw from its roots in these traditional dances we shape into our identity. As a group they are very passionate about what they do for their community and for events. These dances are beautiful and elegant but not just dances, they are storytellers.

Viva La Mujer will be on Saturday, March 2 from 7 pm to 9 pm at the William V. Musto Cultural Center - Union City Museum, 420-15th St., Union City, NJ. Admission is FREE. Merchandise will be available for purchase. For more information (en inglés y español), click here.

The night before Viva La Mujer, we will also be part of the closing reception for Notes and Tones, an art exhibition and performance collaboration between Hudson County Community College and WBGO. IFC17's Audrey Martells will bring her sweet jazz stylings alongside her husband, bassist Belden Bullock. See our Events page or stay tuned for more details.

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