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The First Five Years Anthology debuts at IFC19!

We're proud to announce the release of our newest title, In Full Color: The First Five Years Anthology!

This gorgeous tome contains works by 49 women from all five seasons of In Full Color, our groundbreaking annual show that helps women of color from all over the U.S. share their stories. This includes all the monologues, poems and tales from our upcoming show, In Full Color 2019, June 6 to 9 in Downtown Jersey City.

The Anthology is exclusively available at our live events this summer including the Brooklyn Art Book Fair June 14 and 15 and the DC Art Book Fair on July 7. (Stay tuned for more details on these events!)

Your first chance to snatch up this riveting read, however, will be at In Full Color 2019 -- which is just under two weeks away! Get your tickets now to lock in advance pricing, choose the best seats in the house and make sure you can grab our Anthology before your next weekend at the beach.

In the meantime, check out what everyone's saying about IFC19! So far we've been featured on New Jersey Stage, BroadwayWorld and


Celebrating five years of sharing stories by women of color

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