$21 for 2021: Support women of color this #GivingTuesday

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

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Giving Tuesday is December 1 -- on this special day set aside for giving back to our communities, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to In Full Color as part of our $21 for 2021 campaign. A donation of just $21 can help us create paid work for women of color and propel our educational programs forward. Why give on #GivingTuesday? A year-end tax-deduction isn’t just a slick money move -- it’s a way of choosing how your hard-earned money can make your community & the world a better place. Even if you aren’t looking for a tax incentive, it’s great to just do good! Why give to In Full Color? We empower women of color & other BIPOC of marginalized genders through education & the arts. We give them access to Authentic Representation -- telling their stories in their voices. Education & empathy-building are our fave tools in the fight for diversity, equity, inclusion & justice.

Who will my donation impact? Folx of all genders & colors benefit from our programs. But here’s more about the 200 artists we’ve served since 2015, just to give you an idea...

  • Our roster is 90% BIPOC, 83% women

  • At least 16% are LGBTQ+

  • We’ve paid them $5,000 since COVID-19 -- lifetime earnings are at ~$18,000!

What will my donation help you do?

Expand Educational Initiatives: Our new Bloom Masterclass series will help folx become their best selves in art, career, culture & wellness. We’re also doing more performances & workshops with colleges across the U.S. -- & now, high schools too! Economically Support BIPOC: We hope to provide $10K in paid work for artists in 2021 as well as become fully sustainable as a business & full-time gig for our founder.

A word from our founder

"This is a critical time. We’re providing paid work for BIPOC artists & continuing to educate folx of all backgrounds on social justice issues. With the entire world a video call away, we have the opportunity to share women’s stories with more audiences than ever. Your donation can help us build a better future. If all our followers gave just $21, we would meet our budget for 2021."

Summer Dawn Reyes Founder/Director, In Full Color

How’d you use donated funds in 2020?

  • Made the “how to destroy the patriarchy in seven days” wellness journal, paying 3 visual artists & helping folx become better activists!

  • Produced our sixth annual show online! IFC2020 provided paid work for 16 marginalized artists

  • Developed poetry, writing & acting workshops to support in-school learning for students 12 and older

  • Donated over $1,900 to Black Lives Matter & other various pro-Black, antiracism causes

The story of our impact

The rehearsals were supportive & the atmosphere was kind & attentive. There was a beautiful camaraderie among all the performers & I am thankful that I was a part of it.

- Dr. Grisel Y. Acosta, IFC15, 16 & 20 Alumna

Our employees were engaged, inspired &deeply touched...The workshop activity was particularly powerful (giving) employees an opportunity to discuss privilege & empowering others.

- Lumen Technologies, Visit.org partner

This program is excellent for high schools that endeavor to be inclusive & anti-racist. Students will walk away wanting to be more socially responsible in their art.

- Clinnesha D. Sibley, Mississippi School of the Arts teacher, IFC16 Alumna

In today's world, we need to create time & space to hear stories from folx of all identities & more importantly, marginalized voices. To have my students hear these voices & stories was invaluable.

- Adam Miller, Warren Township H.S. teacher

IFC’s valuable self-expression workshops empower LGBTQ+ youth to share their voices and stories with the world through imaginative ways!

- Mercy Villa, Hudson Pride Center Youth Program Associate

I love being a part of In Full Color -- there is a sisterhood woven in each show that is unbreakable. To be able to be a part of a safe & beautifully colored space is indescribable.

- Chau Sa Hoang, IFC16 & 20 Alumna