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Affordable diversity and inclusion education for every size business

We believe that all businesses, big and small, should have access to diversity, equity and inclusion education so we are having a free DEI workshop in September. (Though donations are appreciated!)

Join us for Walking the Walk to a More Diverse Workplace on Tuesday, Sept. 15 from 1 pm to 3 pm EDT. Get tickets to this virtual event here.

Our workshop is special because it features: - live performances by women of color (Nancy Méndez-Booth and Paula Ralph Birkett) - a brief talk that addresses multiple kinds of diversity at every level of operations - a team exercise that builds DEI-consciousness

In this 2-hour online workshop, your team will explore ways you can enhance your culture of equity and inclusion while working remotely.

You'll meet women theater artists of color and watch them perform workplace-inspired pieces, engaging first with art to get your empathy skills warmed up.

The workshop will then dive into a discussion on best practices and considerations to take into account when evaluating your company’s approach to topics including racial and cultural diversity, equal pay, gender equality, accessibility, and customer relations.

Next, you'll will put this to use in an activity in which you’ll work together in small groups to identify D&I concerns surrounding a fictional scenario. At the end, everyone will share their thoughts on the activity and reflect on any steps your company can take to continue prioritizing D&I in your workplace.

Can't make it? Learn about how you can book a private workshop for your team here or check us out on


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