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Alumna of the Moment: Amel Khalil

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Our next Alumna of the Moment is the amazing Amel Khalil, an actor, artivist and success planning consultant who first joined the In Full Color team in 2017.

Check out our interview with Amel which aired on Tuesday, March 30 at 7 pm EST on IG Live @infullcolorus_

Tell us a bit about yourself and your passions

My name is Amel Khalil and I am an expert in the art of mindful living. With the help of 11 years of challenging organizational leadership and artistic programming experience in my rear view, I have been able to figure out a formula for programming a mind to achieve the most success possible. I’ve been able to achieve some of the following career and personal successful transformations by following my formula for peace;

From untrained actor to SAG professional with multiple TV credits in under 4 years

From an inexperienced community advocate to founder and CEO of two companies that address classist organizational infrastructure and empower individuals to focus together, mindfully, in order to create long lasting change towards peace and joy for all.

From being a poor girl raised in Paterson NJ, to raising over $700,000 in funds and resources to help the same city, county and state elevate all of its marginalized people, past the very intricately planned poverty cycle that once held me down.

Money I found, through real world experience, will follow. That belief has allowed me the greatest freedom and joy that I’ve ever seen in my own life.

Money is only one resource, not the only resource. This idea is important because it encompasses the criteria for me to be involved in new passions or accept new projects. I am focused on earning, and sharing, the spoils of peace and joy.

My passion is turning dreams into reality by focusing on ideas, or strategic solutions that will create peaceful, free, communities. This ultimately brings me closer to my main goal: maintaining individual peace while helping humanity live towards the goal of global freedom, and world peace... one idea at a time.

What projects are you working on now?

My current projects all relate to holistic programming at different levels of mind, career and corporate strategy. These involve:

  • Founding a nonprofit called Helping Other People Evolve (HOPE) focus is on providing holistic development resources for all people with an emphasis on marginalized communities in the US

  • Expanded Amel Khalil the personal brand - AMK - Focused on motivational content creation, influencing and individual coaching

  • Defy the Odds, a consulting company for achieving optimally focused programming and staffing solutions

  • A project I am a lead in will be airing on HBOMAX and HBO cable starting May 1st

What impact would you like to have on others?

I would like for everyone to have a life filled with passion projects that they enjoy, and that starts by addressing your biggest fears. Fear, like joy, is the biggest indicator that there’s something more to be analyzed and discovered. A journey customized for you to have your fullest life, if you have the tools to reframe your fear. HOPE, DTO and AMK all serve the higher purpose, mindful experiences, and more significantly, an enjoyable life.

How has IFC impacted you?

IFC was extremely pivotal for me on this journey. I had never before been around so many artists of color who identified as women who are also extremely strong in their focusing on their perceived higher purpose for the moment. It was inspiring to see that marginalized people in marginalized communities could be so strong, and command so much positive energy. Additionally under the umbrella of IFC’s shows and the tutelage of Summer Dawn, I was able to, for the first time ever, complete a comedic monologue on stage and feel successful about my performance. Feeling successful about a comedic performance might be one of the hardest feats an artist like myself can aim to accomplish. I am eternally grateful to IFC for transforming one of my greatest fears into one of my greatest memories.


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