Alumna of the Moment: Eileen Ramos

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

We're so excited to introduce our newest Alumna of the Moment, the amazing Eileen Ramos! This IFC17 & 18 alumna is a mental health advocate, literature nerd and powerful writer. Learn more about her below, or join us on IG Live @infullcolorus_ as we chat with Eileen on Wednesday, Dec. 16 at 7 pm EST.

EDIT: See the IG Live video here!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your passions

I’m Eileen Ramos, a bipolar Filipina American writer, mental health advocate, and editor. I experienced suicidal ideation, overwhelming self-loathing, depression, mania, delusions, anxiety, hallucinations, and psychoses. Whew lol. Some of which I still struggle with to this day. I’m extremely open about my mental illness. Just today during my work’s Toastmasters meeting, the table topic was what was the kindest act you did this year. I answered with how I told a deeply despairing stranger my mental health journey and how I gained stability. They then sought professional help for their own bipolar disorder and now they’re happier than ever. We’ve become friends actually and I’m working on sending them a care package, hehe.

I’m an obscene and obsessive hoarder with piles of unread books, zines, and literary magazines and a ton of ephemera and stationery. It’s gotten to the point where I order a book, not realizing I already have it haha ugh. It doesn’t really stop me from buying more though lol. Support indie! I love attending readings and zinefests and I actually interned and/or volunteered at Kundiman, Asian American Writers’ Workshop, and The Asian American Literary Review. All literary nonprofits that are incredibly dear to my heart and have kept my writing and dreams alive. Even igniting new ones. I’ve been on a spree of taking online classes since stay at home orders. I think it’s been at least fifty including the wonderful Bloom Virtual Summit. They range from creating a book in a tin to beeswax collages to mail art to writing creative nonfiction about mental illness to manifesting magic. All through which I’ve grown and enjoyed immensely.

Right now I’m taking The Art of the Walk with Kamau Ware, where we are learning how to create a walking tour. It’s such a wonderful class and I’ve always wanted to curate my own walk but in a fictional format. I’ve held that desire for so many years and I can’t believe I can make it happen now! I felt the same when I finally attended the Introduction to Artist Books workshop with Matt Runkle and it’s so strange to know these once far off dreams are real and happening. I also just wrapped up Text and Image with Simone Kearney, and that was fantastic too. It’s another art form I’ve always desired to play in and it’s been fun manipulating copper wire into words and overlaying photos.

What projects are you working on now?

Sitting right beside me is my incredibly thick “Taste Victory” goals notebook which I bought from my talented friend Roni and I’ve added a ton of pages and ephemera. You can watch a flipthrough here. The three book ring format upgraded my LIFE, where I can hole punch any piece of paper I want and move it all around to improve flow. I’m no lon