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Bloom Virtual Summit surpasses goal by $1K!

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

A standing ovation for our Bloom Virtual Summit facilitators, production team & donors! Thank you for your commitment and support. Altogether we raised $2,581 -- this means $1,500 for In Full Color & over $1,900 for #BlackLivesMatter. We couldn't have done it without you.

Proceeds will be used to produce a virtual version of our annual show In Full Color, featuring monologues and poems by women of color. Our work allows WOC to share their stories in their own voice. Learn more about our Mission and In Full Color: The Show.

Did you miss it? Bloom is over, but we accept tax-deductible donations all year round! Donate here to support women artists of color.

Credits & Thanks

Bloom Virtual Summit Production Team

Executive Producer, IFC Board Member || Summer Dawn Reyes Technical Director, IFC Board Member || RescuePoetix Alumnae Outreach, IFC Board Member || Venida C. Rodman Jenkins Entrepreneur Outreach, IFC Board Member || Mary Josephine Sansait Content Development, IFC Board Member || Alicia Ruth

Workshop Facilitators

Talena Lachelle Queen Lunar Rituals Circle Venida C. Rodman Jenkins Dena Igusti Daniela Rincon Nicole Cañete Ali de León Summer Dawn Reyes Dujuana Sharese Tantra-zawadi Shanna T. Melton RescuePoetix Nancy Méndez-Booth Jacquese A. Armstrong Aurora Diaz

Giveaway Sponsors

Selkie Secrets Chynna Krouser Sydney Rae Chin Miirushop

Virtual Swag Bag Donors

In Full Color Your Local Fairy Body Café Athena Toledo Selkie Secrets Andco Melinated Moms Nimbus Dance Singing With Molly M. Josephine RescuePoetix Lunar Rituals Circle Summer Dawn Reyes No Peeking Theatre Empowered INC LLC Antifragile Tarot The Bettys Rob Jelinski Studios


Crystal Morgan Cassandra Guzman Fella Rodriguez Lee Ann Fullington Carol Millette Alexis Krayniak Rene Cannon Courtney Wheeler Elysse Sison Lauren Fakete Jackie Luther Doug Stoveken Cynthia Renta Anonymous Crystal Davis Sabrina Clery Debra Williams Beth Bentley Theta Pavis-Weil Catherine Bloomfield Lily Randall Rolando Lavarro Karin Williams Margaret Clinton In Honor of Joyce Bluford & All Women Grisel Y. Acosta Anonymous Charles and Annie Kessler Anonymous Anonymous Rebecca Johnson Robinson Holloway Eileen Ramos Christopher Clarke Jenn Schiffer

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