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Celebrate Black History & Women's History with IFC!

In Full Color is now booking for spring 2021 -- including Black History Month and Women's History Month! February and March are great opportunities to uplift and center Black stories as well as those of all women -- including queer, disabled, trans and otherwise marginalized folx.

What do we offer?

Performances: We bring in incredibly talented writers, poets and actors from around the United States to share original works in their own voices. Our women share stories about everything from body positivity and intergenerational trauma to why Black lives matter.

Workshops: We help your community grow, too! We offer interactive workshops on poetry, DEI and other topics -- that also infuse your group's learning with art through featured performances by our artists.

Panels and Talks: Our artists are also educators and activists who speak on various topics like the modern civil rights movement, women's equal pay and protecting trans women. We are committed to exploring social, racial and feminist issues with audiences of all genders and colors.

For more information, visit INFULLCOLOR.ORG/BOOKING or contact

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