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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with performances, workshops

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Is your school, company or community group looking for fun ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month? Look no further -- In Full Color's talented performers are here to educate, engage and entertain!

Book live performances, community talkbacks, workshops and even musical concerts with In Full Color this fall. You'll discover how Latinx women's stories can foster connection for diverse audiences -- we even have bilingual performances available.

See some of our artists at work:

Love Vet by Cindy AnaCaona Peralta

Points of Interest: Love, romance, poetry

My Body by Daniela Rincon

Points of Interest: Body image, self-love, poetry

I Forgive You by Yarineth Vargas Peña, performed by Liliane Wolf

Points of Interest: Fetishization, stereotypes, immigration, discrimination, indigenous

Bye Bye Bi by Summer Dawn Reyes

Point of Interest: Queer identity, marriage, bilingualism, multi-racial identity

Or, book some of our musicians!

Amor Platónico by Ali de Leon

Eternal Spring by Mercy Villa


1. Send an inquiry to! Share your group's needs and vision

2. Visit our Booking page to see what we do, how we do it and more

3. Download our 2020-21 Sales Deck! Check out our School Edition or Standard Edition (best for companies, government agencies and other groups).


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