'Death in the Family' is laid to rest

In Full Color produced its first full-length traditional play in NYC at Dixon Place this October with "Death in the Family" by Kendra Augustin.

“Death in the Family” is a series of five tragicomic vignettes about grief, trauma and hope we move on -- if we ever do. Actors B. Bastian, Duane Chivon Ferguson, Natasha Hakata and Alex Mooteelall each took on a wide range of roles to tell these families’ tales. From brothers struggling with the aftermath of their siblings’ fatal actions and sisters searching for hope to murderers looking for redemption, each character shined a light on one way we deal with loss.

Director Benjamin Ernest Abraham says each story in the show was made special by the dynamic of the duo it stars. “These actors have breathed life not only into themselves, but they have also energized the world by building relationships with one another,” h