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Funny femmes bring back free comedy show in Jersey City!

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

If you're looking for something fun to do in Jersey City, you're in luck -- Our comedy series is back for its next installment, That One (Effed Up) Night!

That One Night is a comedy series in Jersey City that aims to shine the spotlight on women of color who are often underrepresented in comedy or relegated to supporting roles. Each night revolves around a theme -- in this case, Effed Up.

Meet our newest performers!


Kortlynn is an emerging multi-media personality, full figured model, and entrepreneur. This New Orleans native recently relocated to Brooklyn, NY in search of a stage as big as her personality. When she is not working, interning or volunteering, Kortlynn spends her free time napping, dropping gems on her IGTV, and trying to get her knees as strong as Meg the Stallion’s.


Lorenda, or more affectionately known as "Lada," is a social worker by day and a comedian all mothaf*ckin day! She has been making people laugh since before she could talk. She maintains a blog called, coordinates and hosts her own incredible networking events ("Self Care Social: For Us By Us"coming February 8th, 2020), and will soon release some dope sweat shirts honoring the greatness of Black Women. Lada loves advocating for mental health and cultivating safe, healthy spaces for black and brown folks. She's got a lada jokes in store for you all so get your diaphragms ready!


Daniela is a Mexican born and raised actress, self-appointed poet and coffee enthusiast better known to her pets and neighbors as the woman who often recites Hamilton from beginning to end. She studied to be an actress but was born to be an emotional mess. Yet, she tries. Her professional experience touches all corners of the realm, from dubbing baby voices, to making YouTube videos, to getting the role of her lifetime (Paraíso, 2014). She sings in the shower, she runs races and she will conquer the world. Just you wait! Follow her at @ladanielarincon

You may recognize her from her amazing and hilarious piece, "My Body," from In Full Color 2019! See a video here.


A comedian based on a dare. Hopefully she’s gotten better.

These four funny femmes will share their effed up stories -- and you will get a chance to, too! That One Night's Open Mic portion will be open to people of all genders and colors who want to share their own stories and jokes.

Producer Courtney Wheeler is psyched to bring the series back to Jersey City. "The human experience is rough but also hilarious," she said. "It's important for me to openly support female artists of color and all our complexities. Luckily enough, I live in a community that feels the same way."

In the past, That One Night has featured hilarious women of various backgrounds including Ritu Chandra, Grisel Cabrera and IFC's Samille Ganges (I Was an Asshole); Marcela Onyango, Whitney Chanel Clark and IFC's Amanda Levie (Desperate); Nihara Nichelle and Kara Lindsay (Proud).

That One (Effed Up) Night will be on Wednesday, Nov. 13 at 8 pm at P.S. Wine Bar, located in the basement of Pet Shop Bar, 193 Newark Ave., Jersey City. Entry is FREE! For more information, see our Facebook event.


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