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In Full Color wins $4,000 in N.J. COVID-relief funds

We are proud to announce that In Full Color has recently won two grants for emergency COVID-19 artist relief:

  • $3,000 arts organization grant from Jersey City Arts Relief Fund

  • $1,000 emergency relief fund from New Jersey Economic Development Authority

This combined $4,000 in aid will help us continue to empower women of color through education and the arts. We are looking to create paid work opportunities for woman artists of color to support them through COVID-19. We are also looking to expand our education, anti-racism and activism work.

The Jersey City grant was administrated by the Jersey City Arts Council and was part of a municipal relief program that ultimately provided about $5 million in aid to entrepreneurs, local organizations and artists. Special consideration was given to organizations serving youth and children.

In Full Color was one of 14 local arts organizations chosen to receive the top grant amount of $3,000. Others included:

  • No Peeking Theatre (founded by IFC Alumna Amanda Levie!)

  • The Kennedy Dancers

  • Eileen Kaminsky/ESKFF

  • Jersey City Writers

  • Deep Space Gallery

  • Kyle Marshall Choreography

  • Golden Door International Film Festival

  • The Latest Noise

  • Art Fair 14C

  • In Full Color

  • Educational Arts Team

  • Jersey City Art School

  • dror/forshée photography

  • Con Vivo Music

About 10 more groups won $1,000 and dozens of artists received $500 grants. We are happy to see that many grantee organizations that serve people of color were included, and that several POC artists won individual aid as well. Other winners include IFC Board Member Alicia Ruth, Girls Who Colored Outside the Lines artist Hiyasmine Gaskins, The Nest playwright Dipti Mehta and That One Comedy Night open mic's Genese Martin. See the complete list of winners here.

See our interview with Telemundo above! The complete video with more information on the JC relief program is here.

For the NJEDA grant, In Full Color was selected in Phase 2 of the assistance program's granting process. Learn more about their COVID-19 resources for entrepreneurs here.

If you'd like to support In Full Color and our mission to empower women of color, you can make a tax-deductible donation here. Thank you for helping us continue paving the way for marginalized women!


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