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Thank you to our 2020 donors!

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

In Full Color is immensely proud of the work it's done in 2020 despite the harrowing challenges of a global pandemic. We've paid artists more than $7,000; served more than 200 artists; and made efforts to further uplift our most marginalized BIPOC artists. But we couldn't have done any of this without our generous donors and grantors! Here is a special thank you to some of the folx who supported us this year.

Check out the list, then see the full annual report to learn more about our impact.


National Book Foundation

Artist Relief Fund

Jersey City Arts Relief Fund

New Jersey Economic Development Authority

Dramatist Guild Foundation

Indie Theater Relief Fund

Queer Writers of Color

Jenn Schiffer

Artist Relief Tree

Arts Administrators of Color

Dr. Grisel Y. Acosta

Christopher Clarke

Eileen Ramos


Robinson Holloway

Joanne Smith

Rebecca Johnson


Mary Sansait

Jena Woodbury

Venida Rodman Jenkins

Charles and Annie Kessler

In Honor of Joyce Bluford & All Women


Amel Khalil

Osyris Antham

Rolando Lavarro

Crystal Davis

David Gazzo

Claudia Caraballo

Olga Levina


Lily Randall

Doug Stoveken

Theta Pavis-Weil


Karin Williams

Catherine Bloomfield


Dorothy Angle

Beth Bentley

Sabrina Clery

Debra Williams

Cynthia Renta

Bea Sabino

Rabbi Bronwen Mullin



Zach Herchen

Maria Ross

Lauren Fakete

Jackie Luther

MacAdam Smith

Maricela Castillo-Cox

Carol Millette

Courtney Wheeler

Elysse Sison

Rene Cannon

Jasmine Romero

Alexis Krayniak

Cassandra Guzman

Lee Ann Fullington

Fella Rodriguez

Crystal Morgan

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