Times of Change

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been struggling to figure out how we can best continue to support women artists of color, including ourselves. Many artists and freelancers have been greatly impacted -- their gigs or events have been canceled and many of their survival jobs have suffered as well. Women artists of color, especially those who are queer or disabled, are especially effected. This has been true for us, for myself, and many of the other women on our team and in our family. We estimate that our canceled programming has lead to us losing at least $4,000 in gross income. For Women's History Month, we intended to announce and celebrate that Thinking In Full Color is now simply In Full Color.

As circumstances changed, we were at first unsure if we should continue with our rebranding. We realized, however, that if we allowed the coronavirus to impact our work any further now, we would be setting ourselves up to let it continue choking us later. So we are moving forward! While our name will be a little different, our mission will be the same -- we are continually devoted to empowering women of color through education and the arts. To celebrate, we're offering our supporters 20% off our entire store! Shop here and use code INFULLCOLOR to receive your discount through March 31.