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Untold Stories offers paid learning, performance opportunity for NJ storytellers

Do you have a story to tell? In Full Color is partnering with Storytelling Arts on a new, paid opportunity to develop storytelling artistry and elevate marginalized voices this summer. Submit by July 11!

Storytelling Arts launched the Untold Stories of Storied People Project in 2021, with funding from the NJ Humanities Council, NJ Arts and Culture Recovery Fund, Morris Arts, and the Pine Tree and Countess Moira Foundations. Inspired by Desmond Tutu’s quote, the project engages arts and community partners in creating platforms for the marginalized and unheard to share the untold stories that define and contextualize their lives. The stories are supported through writing and performance workshops and will be performed in Jersey City, Morristown, New Brunswick, and Trenton in fall 2022. Post-performance community dialogue and civic engagement deepen the connections between storytellers and listeners creating shared agency for change.

Call for Storytellers

Participating storytellers are valued for their authenticity and cultural knowledge. Participation is not limited to artists and no prior storytelling experience is required. Storytellers will have an opportunity to reflect on their values and experiences, share meaningful stories from their lives, build relationships with other storytellers and trainers, and perform before live audiences throughout NJ. All participating storytellers will be paid a daily stipend throughout the training workshops. Those who complete the training and go on to perform their stories will also be paid for each performance.

Storyteller Criteria - Must be age 21 and up - Must have an association with Jersey City, New Brunswick, Trenton, or Morris County - Must have a strong sense of purpose around sharing untold and unheard stories - We strongly encourage people of color, women, LGBTQIA, and those of all abilities to apply

Storyteller Commitment

- Bring your full and present self to the project - Work collaboratively to build community in a safe and supportive environment - Attend a minimum of 5 days of in-person and/or virtual storytelling training in the summer of 2022 - Participate in a minimum of 5 rehearsal days between July and September 2022 - Perform at four Untold Story Performances from September to December 2022 - Engage in dialogue with audiences to inspire a co-investment in making us more human together

Want to Learn More? If you are interested in participating in or learning more about the Untold Stories of Storied People Project please contact Cynthia Renta, Director of Community Projects at If you are interested in applying to become a participating storyteller, please contact Cynthia by the deadline of July 11, 2022.


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