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2021 Snapshot: Another record-breaking year

Photo: Jeremiah (Alex Mooteelall) & Tabitha (B Bastian) give each other a spacey high-five in "Death in the Family" by Kendra Augustin, directed by Benjamin-Ernest Abraham. Photo by Romie DeCosta

While the second year of the pandemic has continued to be challenging for In Full Color and all other arts organizations, we're happy to share that we've managed to accomplish some amazing tasks in the past year. For example, we've expanded our international reach in part thanks to several corporate and educational performances and workshops, we produced our first traditional play in NYC, and we returned to limited in-person programming with Newark PorchFest and the Calling Our Ancestors Open Mic in Newark.

Overall, the numbers stack up. Here are some of the hot stats from our work in 2021!

We've served a whopping 250 artists since our inception in 2015!

This includes mostly women of color and other BIPOC of marginalized genders from 17+ states as well as Canada, Mexico and Botswana!

We CANNOT believe it! Last year, we created $7,000 in paid work for artists -- this year, we more than doubled that!

Our artists earned $17,000 this year by working on 88 different events with us. We could not have done this without the amazing support of our friends at Dixon Place, which presented our first traditional play "Death in the Family" last October & our loyal partners, which matches us with corporate volunteers.

We are so proud to support creatives through the pandemic & continue creating opportunities for BIPOC artists to reach thousands around the world.

Our family is wonderfully diverse! In 2021, we improved on our diversity stats across the board.

We are hyper-focused on women of color, and we're uplifting BIPOC of other marginalized genders too, like trans and gender non-conforming folx!

We're also always looking to empower queer folx, Disabled folx, immigrants & other marginalized sub-groups of BIPOC. And we've also found ways to create opportunities for men of color & paying support roles for white folx of multiple genders in the last year.

We are grateful to people of all genders & colors who have supported us over the years, & hope to continue serving new folx every year.


In Full Color is an award-winning organization that empowers women of color and other BIPOC of marginalized genders through education and the arts. We lead a storytelling revolution called Authentic Representation in theater, visual art, comedy, music, dance and other media. We empower BIPOC to be their best selves. We also educate, entertain and engage audiences of all colors and genders about diversity, equity, inclusion and justice.

We were previously known as Thinking In Full Color. IFC is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. For more information, visit


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